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About us

We have been in the stove business for 30 years. We have sold thousands of wood burning stoves in that time. As time went by, we noticed that our customers were increasingly looking to diversify into cleaner, more renewable sources of energy. 

We knew that the future was green and we began to look for ways to diversify our offering into cleaner, greener ways to heat your space. We recently partnered with Planika, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of high quality automatic bioethanol fires. 

We are now Ireland’s official distributor of Planika bioethanol fires. Manufactured in Europe, these next generation automatic bioethanol fires use BEV technology (burning ethanol vapour). This means they are much safer than manual bioethanol fires. Our fires are fully automatic, powered by an eco- friendly renewable fuel and are operated by remote control. 

Convenient, easy to operate and easy to install, our automatic bioethanol fires do not require a chimney or any major construction work. They do not emit any damaging by-products, smoke or carbon. This means you can enjoy a real fire in your home at the push of a button that is eco- friendly, warm and stylish. 

Bio-ethanol is a clean eco-friendly fuel which is classified as renewable. It is produced by the fermentation of vegetation matter rather than from fossil fuels such as gas or coal. Not only is this good for the environment,  it protects your family from the hugely damaging health effects of fossil fuel particulate emissions in the home.

When we started the business, our goal was to provide a sustainable, healthy alternative to fossil fuel burning fires. We would work with customers who wanted a cleaner, greener alternative which would both future proof their home whilst providing a warm and stylish fire. 

The modern family has changed. They want a warm open flame but they also want to work to cut their carbon emissions. We feel we have delivered on the alternative option we set out to deliver upon! 

We look forward to working with you and helping you to warm your dream space 

Fintan & Jonathan.

Bioheat Ireland. 

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Bioheat Ireland

Tom Crean Business Centre,
Kerry Technology Park,
Co. Kerry,
Rep. of Ireland.
V92 XF68

T: +353 66 71 23454
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