Ethanol Burners

A Fire Open From All Sides

Bioheat Ireland’s bioethanol inserts are advanced fireplaces with flames that can be open from all sides depending on your project. The simple, yet elegant design of the inserts gives great freedom of arrangement possibilities.

Together with the easy installation method, our bio fireplaces can be arranged as stand-alone pieces of furniture, without any contact with the wall and are often seen as room dividers in hotels, restaurants, and homes. Beauty & Simplicity.

An insert-type fireplace is a solution for developing the most creative visions of the fire in your home. You decide whether you want to build it into the wall or a piece of furniture. Release your imagination and create a modern and fascinating project that will never go unnoticed. The technology implemented in each ethanol insert provides the ultimate safety and the highest comfort of use.

Explore the advanced features and multiple safety sensors that are an inseparable part of the patented BEV™ technology which underpins our bioethanol fireplaces.

FLA 3 at Salone del Mobile 2018, Distributor Flou, Photo by Sergiy Kadulin_