Freestanding Fireplaces

The contemporary solution for maximum comfort and unlimited arrangement possibilities. Real flame, real heat & simple installation, essentially plug in and play. As with al of our bioethanol fires automatic refuel comes as standard.

Our freestanding fireplaces can be situated in any type of environment – living room, dining room or bedroom. An example of the unlimited arrangement possibilities Bioheat Ireland offers.

Any additional installation costs are also eliminated, making Bioheat Ireland’s bioethanol fires extremely cost efficient when compared with traditional options such coal or gas installations..

A freestanding modern fire adds functionality to any home. The solution does not require a chimney or any other hard connection which makes the installation process the easiest and the quickest possible. Bioheat Ireland’s freestanding bioethanol fireplace are an ideal solution for indoor spaces where you wish to save on the cost of expensive installations and also when the traditional fireplace is not a suitable option.

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