Tipi Firepit 120 cm


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Tipi – Medium

Tipi in the medium size – 1.2 meters

Fire has always fascinated man, and it does today. Live fire calms the soul and provides a cozy setting to relax with family & friends.  The Tipi gives stunning flames on cool summer nights. It is practical, easy to use, easy to clean and lastly very environmentally friendly.

Ergonomically designed to ensure maximum enjoyment of your fire at sitting or standing height. Designed to allow additional draft to flow through longer chimney to ensure a great Fire.

The Tipi Firepit will be the centre piece of your outdoor lifestyle this summer. It is robust and extremely sturdy, coated with high temperature stove paint.

Enjoy great heat that a solid fuel burning Firepit creates. With this also, children can roast all kinds of treats over the fire.

HETA Tipi has a sculptural effect regardless of the time of year. It is designed for the temperate climates wind and rain, meaning that it can stand outside all year long and still look great.

The Tipi is a unique result of teamwork with the Danish design company, Artlinco A/S. It is  a new kind of terrace warmer, that brings out the best in terms of functionality, design, environment, durability and the beautiful of a live fire.








Manufactured from:

100% steel construction finished with heat resistant black paint.

Available in 3 sizes 147cm, 120cm, & 97cm

Tipi is made from a special type of steel, Cor-Ten steel, which is highly suited for outdoor use. When it has been outside over the summer, there will be a nice layer of red patina on it’s surface, which never development into rust because of the surface resistance attributes.

Simple and quickly assembled. We also offer a Grill and a galvanized steel plate for this product. Use Kiln dried wood for best Fire results. Set Fire up as with normal indoor Fire.

Only use this fire pit outdoors and ensure appropriate clearance to combustibles. Do not use under cover of roof/ceiling structure of any kind. Do not use near combustible materials or surfaces.

To help increase the life time of your Firepit, it is important that you protect if from the outdoor elements, especially rain where possible. As with all steel rust will occur over time, where not storing in dry place ensure suitable surface underneath to protect ground discolouration