Basket Fire Logs


A Traditional-style Fire Insert

In pursuit of new fire solutions, we have created another exceptional product – Basket Fire Logs (available in length 550mm & now 400mm also).

Traditional Style Log Fire from our Planika range. All the comfort and flame of a real log fire but no ash or smoke. No chimney required, simply place in your desired location and turn on to enjoy 3kw heat. Simply place in fireplace or against a wall as desired.

Introducing Basket Fire Logs (available in length 550mm & now 400mm also).

Produces flames by burning bioethanol vapours, a fuel of plant biomass  origin. It is a completely free  standing product. Its compact size allows you to install it inside an existing fire place or place in an opening as it blends well in all kinds of traditional-style arrangements and decorative fireplace portals. Our customers are delighted to hear they can switch from solid fuel to a real flame and heat fire alternative without costly construction in their home. Truly plug and play – the Future of Fire.

Also now available in smaller length to suit traditional Irish Fireplaces. The Basket Log Box mini sizes total unit length 400mm. The above standard basket logs size is 550mm.

Enjoy the log cabin effect of our traditional style basket logs Fire. Real Flame, no hassle.

Price €1,999