Chantico Glassfire – Tabletop Fire


Chantico Glassfire is a tabletop bioethanol fireplace for indoor and outdoor use. It can be set on a side table or centrally to create a warm, loving atmosphere in your living room or patio. The flickering flames dancing off the glass surround quickly achieve a relaxed atmosphere whether you are alone or with your family.

Fire Uplifts your mood – Fire has a natural characteristics of creating a pleasant warm atmosphere leading to production of endorphins known as happiness hormones

Fire Meditation –  The trance-like relaxing effects of a campfire are well known but now scientists have found that watching fire reduces blood pressure – the longer people sit in front of a roaring fire, the greater the relaxing effect it has on them

€299  + p&p(Ireland)

Now is the time to stay at home!

Create a cozy atmosphere and bring tranquility with natural flames. Spend more time with the ones you love.

Chantico Glassfire is a unique portable fireplace you can place wherever you want – in your living room, kitchen or on the terrace. Refill it with ethanol and light the natural golden flames in seconds. It enchants every space with ambient lighting and soothes your senses.