L Fire insert Bioethanol

The L Fire model from Planika is a traditional effect flame covering the base of the fire unit. It gets its name from the shape of the fire lines. Automatic as with all our home fires, the patented burning ethanol vapour technology provides up to 4.5KW of consistent heat and flame. 2 flame height settings. All the flame, heat and beauty of a home fire without the cost of a chimney.

Intelligent Fire

The Fire unit can be utilised as a drop down unit into the base of the opening in your wall or constructed false chimney or into a cabinet running along a wall with no overhang. As you are not tied to a chimney you can be creative with our automated insert models.

The heat from the L Fire is excellent and builds in a room where heat is not being lost through a chimney so the lower heat eco mode comes in useful. Remote control option available(needs to be integrated during production).