Pure Flame Automatic Bioethanol Insert Fire & Casing


Pure Flame is a compact fire insert specially developed to be installed in furniture or false chimney breast. Real flames, 5kw heat all without dirt, cleaning or harmful carbon monoxide.

No chimney needed, 2 flame/heat heights. All fire, no hassle.

Steel Casing included.

Pure Flame consists of two connected modules – a fuel box with a control panel and the fireplace cassette itself. The product was designed to make the installation possibly easiest. You don’t need any chimney or additional ventilation, just insert the cassette into a furniture opening. The casing is well insulated so the heat can be emitted through the front of the fireplace.

Refueling has never been this simple and fast. All you have to do is to replace the fuel container with a new one. In just couple of seconds you can do what takes significantly much more time in other products on the market.

As an option, Pure Flame can have a remote control.