The TV Box Suite


The TV Box Suite heats your space with a real flame giving you all the charm and ambience of a roaring open fire. Just sit your TV on top to create the perfect corner in your home. Relax in front of this environmentally friendly fire whilst watching your favourite TV shows in comfort.


The TV Box Suite

€3,799(White Finish)

This modern bioethanol stove from Bioheat Ireland is designed so you can place your TV on top. Our tested technology allows heat- sensitive items such as TV’s to be safely placed on top of the stove cabinet. This product combines all the features of a modern bioethanol fireplace with the functionality of a living room cabinet.

The TV Box Suite is easy to refuel. All you need to do is insert our fuel container: no manual pumping or splashes. The fireplace will automatically run with fuel from the container hidden behind the left door. Relax on the couch as you control the stove flames and the TV with a remote control.

Watch your favourite TV show and relax in front of this warm bioethanol stove. Also now available in Oak finish. Contact the BioHeat Ireland team today.

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