The Scandi – Automatic Ethanol Stove


A completely installation free Fire for your home. The Scandi is a completely freestanding no hassle stove installation for your home. This automatic fire allows you to control the heat and flame levels & enjoy a real fire with no dirty fuel or cleaning.

The latest in our range of renewable bioethanol stoves for your living room kitchen or conservatory. No chimney needed as there is no carbon monoxide created by renewable bioethanol. Just real beautiful flames giving you all the charm and ambience of a roaring open fire.

The Scandi can be turned off or on at the touch of a button and requires no minding or babysitting due to its automated system.

Easy Refuel System

To refuel simply replace the 5 litre drum at the base of the unit and enjoy for up to 10 hours.

A freestanding modern fire adds functionality to any home. The solution does not require chimney or any other hard connection what makes the installation process the easiest and the quickest possible. Planika’s freestanding bioethanol fireplace is an ideal solution for indoor spaces where the traditional fireplace is not suitable.


  • W: 398mm
  • H: 1048mm
  • D: 320mm
  • Max.¬†burning time approximately¬†10 hours
  • Two flame heights – Optional remote control, Output max 4.1kW