Totem Bioethanol Patio Heater

When ancient influence combines with modern design, unique things are born. 

Inspired by the elegance of ancient Greek courtyards this black column is the base for for the spectacular dancing bioethanol flames encased in circular glass surround. Renewable bioethanol fuel means no pollution, no gas bottles and no hard connections. Enjoy the outdoors in the glow of a beautiful pillar of fire.

Add ancient Greek elegance to your outdoor space with the stunning Totem Fire column

The Totem will envelop your garden and patio in the captivating glow of a Greek court yard. Stunning light and flames dance around a glass enclosure a top the elegant black column.

Fueled simply by renewable liquid bioethanol the Totem is all Flame and no hassle – no gas bottle, no hard connections & anti spill technology. If you want the most elegant & ambient outdoor heater to enjoy your beautiful evenings this summer – look no further than the Totem from Planika. Price €1,199