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Selecting a new outdoor gas fire pit can be challenging as there are endless options to choose from and factors to consider. You want to make sure that it not only suits the aesthetic of your home but is also compatible with the way your home was constructed.

Bioheat Ireland recommends the following things to consider when you are choosing an outdoor heating appliance.

1. What You Will Use It For

Outdoor fire pits are a great addition to any garden, making time spent outside even more enjoyable. However, they are not meant for cooking but rather for adding warmth and style to your outdoor space. Our bioethanol fire pits are an easy-to-use, intelligent fire solution and a great source for outdoor heating. We are driven by a passion for fire and design and understand the importance of knowing the benefits of using outdoor gas fire pits.

2. How The Fire Pit Is Powered

Outdoor heating pits come in various shapes and sizes and can be powered by many fuel types. The three most common types of fuel are below:

  • Natural Gas. The gas source is hidden as the pipe runs underground. However, if you want to move your fire pit you will have to make sure there is a gas source in the new location.
  • Liquid Propane Gas. These are perfect for people who rearrange their gardens often.
  • Bioethanol Fuel. Our bioethanol fire pits are typically free-standing and portable, allowing for easy installation. They are clean-burning and donโ€™t produce fumes, smoke, or carbon monoxide.


3. Installing An Outdoor Fire Pit

The installation process for fire pits varies depending on whether you choose a freestanding unit or a fire pit insert. Freestanding fireplaces are relatively simple to set up as they come pre-assembled and only require decorative elements such as stones or glass shields and a connection to a gas source. On the other hand, outdoor heating pit inserts require the construction of proper housing before installation, and the insert needs to be placed in the right niche following the manual instructions.

4. Choosing A Design

Outdoor gas fire pits come in different styles so that you can choose a design that best suits your space. If you prefer cutting-edge technology, luxury, and contemporary design, you might opt for a sleek design such as the Linear Gas Outdoor Heater, which has many safety features and is weather resistant. Conversely, if your interior design style is traditional, you might prefer an outdoor heating pit with a classic design that will give your space a comforting look.

Ask Bioheat Ireland About Our Outdoor Heating Systems!

At Bioheat Ireland, our options for outdoor heating appliances are endless. Choose from patio heaters, tabletop heaters, and much more! Reach out to us today to inquire about our products.

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